2014 Schedule

Schedule of Events — May Day 2014

Here is the latest schedule of events for May Day 2014 (may be subject to changes and additions).

12 noonMay Day Statement and Opening Song
12:15 pmGlobal Nuisance Punk Rock See More!
12:45 pmNew Haven School of African Drum and Dance See More!
1:00 pmLuke Rodney Carribean & World See More!
1:30 pmOpen Mic: Speak out time.
1:45 pmDudley Farm String Band Bluegrass See More!
2:15 pmBread Is Rising Poetry See More!
2:30 pmMaypole Dance: Led by David Lindsay
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3:15 pmGabriela NY's Poetry
3:30 pmJosé Oyola & The Astronauts: Indie See More!
4:00 pmOpen Mic: Speak out time.
4:15 pmCoalition Hip Hop: Featuring “High Heel Hush”
and “Mega Hood” See More!
5:00 pmClosing statement and clean up.

Aditional Activities!

Face painting
Flint Ladder Circus
Graffiti Wall

May Day 2015

New Haven Green, CT